Automatic Cleaners

We offer and recommend two types of automatic cleaners, robotic cleaners and suction side cleaners, each have their own pros and cons:

Robotic Cleaners
Robotic pool cleaners do not use your existing pool equipment and instead run off of the power from your house. They free up pressure on your pool equipment and reduce overall power costs and consumption while providing the best cleaning. Robotic pool cleaners pick up large and small debris with their built-in filtration system. Some robotic cleaners can clean and scrub the pool floor, steps, and even the waterline, eliminating the need for you to clean the pool walls with a brush. The robotic cleaners offer superior cleaning, are energy efficient, reduce wear on pool equipment but have higher upfront costs and require you to empty a filter.

Suction Side Cleaners
Suction side cleaners attach to the suction line in your pool and utilize the suction to propel the cleaner throughout the pool while scrubbing the pool surface, eliminating dirt and debris. These cleaners have low maintenance, few moving parts and are less expensive, they require the pool pump to run and put increased pressure on your filter.

We proudly support our supplier, Jandy.

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